Endorsement letter by Molly Chatalic

Endorsement letter by Molly Chatalic

Molly Chatalic is an Associate Professor of American Studies, University of Western Brittany, France (Departments of English Language and Literature & Applied Languages)

I highly recommend the publication of Glyn German’s book, An American Chronicle. This work, which comprises 14 chapters, as well as numerous illustrations, appendices and a complete bibliography, traces in great detail the events of American history year by year. The content of each chapter is preceded by an introduction summarizing the historical period under investigation and highlighting the links between the different periods. The illustrations, including many depictions of well-known and lesser-known historical figures, have been carefully chosen to accompany the events discussed. The appendices offer additional keys to a very useful understanding of certain aspects of the historical and political culture of the United States.

Written in clear and fluent English, it is easy to read, and the chronological format makes it easier to remember and understand historical events in the context of the period under study (the pre-Columbian period up to Trump’s presidency). This book would be of great help to BA students of English, LEA (Applied languages) and LCE (English language and literature), as well as for graduate students and students preparing for the national competitive exams.
This book has been translated by the author into French, which will suit any French-speaking readers who wish to have a better understanding of aspects of American civilization that often seem elusive to Europeans.

For all these reasons, I recommend the publication of this book and will without hesitation include it in the bibliography distributed to students attending my American Civilization courses. When it is published, an announcement could usefully be made on the mailing list of the French Association of American Studies (AFEA).

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