Preface by Philip Bigler, National Teacher of the Year 1998

Preface by Philip Bigler, National Teacher of the Year 1998

Over the past decade, there has been the continued erosion of the nation’s historical memory. Despite the amazing advances in technology and the unlimited access to information, political correctness and the annihilation of knowledge-based curricula, have left contemporary students bewildered and uninformed about their rich heritage and historical legacy. Countless scholarly studies and reports continue to document this woeful lack of basic knowledge while the National Assessment of Education Progress recently concluded that only 22% of high school graduates were minimally proficient in American history. In a nation whose civic and political destiny is predicated upon an informed and educated citizenry, this is truly cause for alarm.

Fortunately, there are a few scholars and authors like Glyn German, who are determined to combat this trend and to make history both accessible and comprehendible to readers. His latest book, An American Chronicle, is a remarkable work of scholarship and it should be required reading for every American. Likewise, a copy of the book should be in every classroom, school, library, and college in the United States and abroad.

Spanning the entire scope of American history from pre-Columbian times through the present day, Mr. German skillfully highlights and details the important events, wars, individuals, court cases, and legislation that have shaped the nation’s destiny. The book is thoroughly documented and richly illustrated with charts, maps, and photographs which help make An American Chronicle a compelling and fascinating read. Mr. German provides his readers with outstanding content placed appropriately within the context of a time period. His book also includes fascinating demographic and insightful information about presidential elections as well as detailed census material that illustrates and explains the growth and societal changes within the nation. 

Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1818: “If the children are untaught, their ignorance and vices will in future life cost us much dearer in their consequences than it would have done in their correction by a good education.” Glyn German is helping to provide that “good education” and his newest book will educate, inform, and enlighten. It is a must read for all students of American history as well as the general public.

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