Reviews on Amazon on “An American Chronicle”(Volume 1)

Reviews on Amazon on “An American Chronicle”(Volume 1)

First Review by Argos (April 12, 2021): 

“Glyn German has done a masterful job of providing a detailed and complete chronicle of American history through the Great Depression. This is a wonderful resource for studying American history and is free from the current distortions that are rampant in today’s society. It is particularly useful for middle and high school students who are trying to gain a better understanding of the nation’s history. Homeschoolers will also benefit from this wonderful book. It is a must have reference. Vol. II is due to be published soon and will cover the periods from World War II through the present. Looking forward to its release!!”

Second Review by Molly Chatalic (May 16, 2021)

“I will definitely add this in-depth comprehensive chronological history of the United States to my college and university students’ recommended reading list and make sure its on the library shelf. It is a fascinating read and well-illustrated.”

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